Stop the CREAPs

It is clear that we are jaded. We are so far removed from reality that we are able to continue existing unencumbered even with the increasing number of children who are killed in Jamaica on a weekly basis. Perhaps it is as a result of hearing the tragic details night after night on the evening news but we have clearly lost our sense of compassion and the kind of outrage that drives constructive action.

Ghetto People Publishing was created to be an outlet for the those who had no other way; we charged ourselves with the task of being a voice to the voiceless. It is precisely for this reason that we find it impossible to stand back quietly while so many of our nation’s children continue to be killed and abused. We understand that change is a process and that it takes time but we believe there has to be a beginning for anything to change. We will be giving our voice to the hundreds and thousands of young girls and boys who are abused daily, some of them with the knowledge of their caregivers and guardians, some of them BY their caregivers and guardians. Our Stop the CREAPs (Child Rapists, Campaign Logo - Version 1Enablers, Abusers and Pedophiles) campaign being launched this month in commemoration of Child’s Month will do just that. But not only will we be giving a voice to the many boys and girls who cannot speak for themselves. We will also be encouraging communities to get on board and speak up for these children who cannot possibly speak for themselves. For too long the culture of “informa fi dead!” has stifled the cries of many and led to the deaths and abuse of too many of our children. We want to make the message loud and clear that this notion of an “informa” has no place in a discussion about the welfare of children. Speaking up is what will save and protect lives.

This initiative, though it is being spearheaded by Ghetto People Publishing, cannot survive without support from the masses. These are our children and so it is our collective responsibility to make sure they are protected and cared for. For this reason, we are asking for your support in spreading awareness of the issue. It may be as simple as changing your Social Media display photo or cover photo to the logo to raise awareness, starting a discussion on your Twitter feed or Facebook timeline about these kinds of issues, or raising questions in your own community. Whatever contribution you are able to make you can be sure it will make a difference. We must be willing to have meaningful open discussions about these issues in order to arrive at solutions and this movement is simply the beginning.

To learn more or participate, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and look out for information in the mainstream media. We here at Ghetto People Publishing are confident that this is a problem that can be fixed and we are willing to do the work that’s necessary. Join us as we strive to be the change we want to see in the world.

Campaign Logo - Version 2